Motion Control

Computerized Motion Control (CMC-4)

The Computer Motion Control system was custom designed

The Computer Motion Control system was custom designed for use with all of our measurement systems and the ASET software program. It relies on the large memory and high processing speed of a host computer to generate step pulses and direction signals that are sent to a driver/interface module through a standard PC parallel printer (LPT) port. The driver/interface modules translate step pulses and direction logic into signals that drive the stepper motors on the motorized 3D micro-positioning stage. It has a fourth axis which can drive the focus of a microscope or other device the user may have.

The motion control system is a micro-stepping, four axis stepper motor driver

The motion control system is controlled by an IBM compatible PC. Three of the axes (X,Y,Z) are used to drive the 3D Motorized Manipulator. The fourth axis (W) can drive the focusing motor on a Video Zoom Scope or any other stepper motor driven device.

The computer provides step, direction, speed and steps/micron logic.

The computer also provides positional information. Though this system was primarily designed for positioning a microelectrode it has many other applications as well.